Writing a Perfect College Essay Hook

How challenging is trying to convince the college admission committee that you are the best among all eligible applicants? Crafting a winning personal statement may not be an essay bearing in mind the vetting panel will be looking at several similar applications. The most important thing is convincing the college admissions panel that your application is the best. Your essay should be appealing such that they can get interested in your work immediately they skim through the first paragraph. Remember, the same panelists will be looking at several similar applications within very minimal time. Who can get time for a bland personal statement with a tired mind? You must be creative and make the reader want to go deep into your essay.

A hook is an introduction in your essay that is engaging and captures the minds of the reader. Your application essay should set you apart from the rest applicant with a similar portfolio to yours. Your hook should be perfect to convince the admission committee that you have the best application.

To craft an engaging hook in your statement essay, you need to pay attention to the following:

Topic Choice

Your topic must be excellent to capture the minds of the person reading your work. Some students end up complicating their essay by choosing a complex subject. Go for simple issues that will help you easily explain yourself.  You can get a good topic by looking at whatever is within your areas of interest. A good essay comes from the most interesting, funny, aspiring, and insightful aspect of your life.

Your Hook Development

You will require a strong hook to capture the minds of the admission committees.  It is not evident that the committee will read through your essay’s second line after going through the first one. However, having an exciting beginning will make the reader stick to your document up to the last point. In most cases, you can feel the strength of the hook at the end of the essay.  For that reason, most students write the theme after finalizing the whole article.

Here are some simple strategies for developing an engaging hook;

Setting The Scene

Opening up in the middle of an exciting scene Is among the best strategies for capturing the reader’s attention. Such an approach makes the reader feels like watching an exciting movie.

After closing the scene, go ahead and explain to your reader the relevance of the stage and provide its background.

Start with an Example

If you are explaining how you developed a skill, use specific examples. Like in the setting scene, explain to the reader the relevance of the model in explaining your skills development.

Opening with an Anecdote

When you are explaining how you overcame an obstacle, try using an anecdote. It will help the reader understand what you are against during the overcoming of a challenging situation.

Asking Questions

Asking relevant questions at the beginning of your essay will make your reader alert and thirsty for more information to provide answers to the quiz. Use a question that is broad and not easy to develop its solution right away. Your question should also be particular, unlike the generic that fits in any other college essay.


Creating an exciting hook is the most guaranteeing way of attracting the reader to your essay .an interesting theme will give the admission committee more of reviewing your assay to accept your application.

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